Dark theme lovers here’s some good news for you… YouTube to launch a dark theme for their Android app…

It has been observed that for an app user, the dark theme is always his or her favorite… Well, we have seen a lot of apps that use the dark theme but, most of the Google Apps haven’t used it till now.

For YouTube, we have seen the dark theme for the web and iOS versions. But, there’s no official statement has been seen by Google on releasing the dark theme for Android.


Youtube Mobile App finally to get a Dark Theme


But, now seems there’s some light coming for the topic. Redditor u/Absinth92 reported has reported this feature to be spotted on Android devices. Android Police seems to be agreed on this leaks.

To change your normal mode to dark mode you have to head over to Settings->General. Then you can see somewhat like in the pic. But, you have to wait for some period, as because Google seems to be silent regarding this topic.



It seems that Google doesn’t want too many testers to use this version. We hope soon Google will roll out the update globally.

If you can’t wait for the update you can try this detailed method on XDA Developers Forum to enable the feature. Note: You will need root access to make this work.


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