Before the Calcutta Football League starts, lets take a view of how the two Calcuttan Giants formed their teams.




Quess East Bengal F. C.

The Squad :

Goalkeepers :- Rakshit Daggar (Minerva FC), Abhra Mondal (Bengaluru FC), Mirshad K, Ubaid Sike.

Defenders :- Kingshuk Debnath (Mohunbagan), Kamalprit Singh (Minerva FC),  Rahul Ghosh (club Academy), Lalrojma Fanai, Mehtab Singh, Salam Ranjan, Lalram Chulova, Kaushik Sarkar, Samad Ali Mallick.

Mid-Fielders :- Lalrindika Ralte (North East), Kasim Aidara (Minerva FC), Sanchayan Samaddar (Customs), Vidyasagar Singh (Club Academy), Telem Surojit Singh (Club Academy), Al Amna, Katsumi Yusa, Laldanmayuya Ralte, Prakash Sarkar, Jinkaholen Howkeep, Brendon Vanlalremdika.

Forwards :- Bali Gagandeep (Minerva FC), Jobi Justin, Tetepuiya (Club Academy).



East Bengal are the Champions of the last 8 Calcutta Football League’s. For making it 9 in a row they have left no stone unturned. They have signed in Costa Rica’s World cup player Johny Aakosta. Subhash Bhowmick their new head coach have formed the team by taking many players from academy & many uncapped players. He wants to form the team with quality players.


They will play their first league match in the 1st week of august wearing this colours.




Mohunbagan Athletic Club

The Squad :

Goalkeepers :- Shilton Pal, Rikardo Kardozo (Sporting Club the Goa), Mainak Akuli (Tollygunge Agrogrami),  Shankar Roy.

Defenders :- Brito Peam (Churchill Brothers), Aame Runwade (FC Goa), Abhishek Ambedkar (Minerva FC), Kimkima (Aizawl FC), Sukhdev Singh (Minerva FC), Kinsley, Gurginder Kumar, Arijit Bagui.

Mid-Fielders :- Mehtab Hossain (Kerela Blasters), Abinas Ruidas (Mumbai City FC), Tirthankar Sarkar (Mohameddan), William Lalnunfela (Aizawl FC), Muinuddin Khan (Minerva FC), Darren Kaldeira (Chennai City), Shilton De Silva, Pintu Mahahto, Sourav Das.

Strikers :- Henry Kisako (Gokulam FC), Jiten Murmu (Mohameddan), Dipanda Dika, Azharuddin.



Mohunbagan has taken many new faces. This time Mohunbagan has made the most number of changes in the team. During Sanjay Sen’s time most number of Bengal players are found in the team but it has reduced to very few this season. Shankarlal Chakraborty the head coach of Mohunbagan will have a tough time to select the first 11. Till date they have played 3 practice matches & its tough for the footballers to settle with the conditions.


They will play their first Calcutta league match in the 1st week of august in this colours.





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