Good news Engineering Students!!! Amazon India has Brought an Exclusive section of Engineering Textbooks to buy this season

This is the new session period for Engineering students, so buying books may sound hectic. Also, to go to places and find for the particular book is just irritating. And then after all the hustles of bargaining, you find your desired book.

To make a halt to all that Amazon India has made a separate section of Engineering textbooks. From Computer Science to Electrical or from Chemical Engineering to Biotech, all types of books are available.

Also, the store features all the textbooks followed in major Universities across India. From Anna University to Manipal University or from Pune University to West Bengal Technical University, all are available under one section.


Amazon India opens a section of Engineering Textbooks


So, if you need not have to bear the pain of finding your university books exclusively. In addition to that, all the books are sorted according to your subject needs like for Computer Science there are separate sections like:


Similarly, there will be different sections for Engineering subject. For the pricing and discounts, you will get a minimum discount of 10% on all major books and a maximum of 30% depending upon the book…

It’s better to order the books all you need at once and get it delivered at your doorsteps. So, here’s the link to buy all the stuff:

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