Upgradation of technology is gearing up these days. Tech Gadgets of all most every rage are easily available in the market. There are some cheap gadgets that are highly popular under Rs. 200.

🔦  Portable Flexible  USB LED Light__


This USB LED Lights are the most popular on this list. For its USB function we can use it all most everywhere we need by plugging in on our laptop, as well as in our smartphones through OTG cable. This item comes in various attractive color range.

Price: Around Rs. 100/-


🔦  USB Fans for all Smart-phones__


This is quite similar to the previous one. Only the change is here is a fan in the place of LED Light. Some models can be used both in laptop or PC and smart-phones as required. This is also available in many colors.

Price: Around Rs. 120/-


🔦 20 Pin Header to USB Adapter__


To get two more USB ports in your desktop you can definitely use this one.

Price – Around Rs. 200/-


🔦 USB Hub__


This is a very use full one. Especially for those who do date transfer multiple times or operate multiple computers at a time or use too many external things together. This USB Hub is small in size, so anyone can carry it easily.

Price – Around Rs. 170/-


🔦 USB 3.1 Type C Male to Micro USB 2.0 Female Charging Adapter Converter


Nowadays some smartphones are coming with type C charging port. Suppose you forget to carry your charger which is of type C, but you can manage to manage a normal port charger. If you have a Micro Female Type C converter then it will solve your problem easily.

Price – Around Rs. 200/-


🔦 USB Bulb__


The purpose is the same as USB Light. The only difference is you can’t bend it. All other things are the same.

Price – Starting around RS. 130/-


There are some more gadgets like this. Some are very common to us, some are unknown. If you find some unknown one….let us inform.

Thanks to Raunak Saha


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