AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Processors have a unique StoreMI Technology that lets You combine the speed of SSD into Your Hard Disk… Want to know more? Read the full post… 

Are you just fed up with your hard disk speed? Can’t afford the price of a large SSD? Then AMD StoreMI Technology is all you need…

So, the name may sound a bit odd but well, this technology will help people a lot in the coming days. To elaborate things, you can say StoreMI Technology combines the speed of your SSD with the capacity of your hard disk into a single, fast, easy-to-manage drive.


What is AMD StoreMI Technology?


Why do we need such Technology?

Now, why such software or technology needed to be invented? Well, in this 20th century the definition of fast is becoming truly “faster and faster” these days… People need to process more amount of data in lesser amounts of time.

Well, this problem gets resolved up to some extents every year with new faster processors. But, have we ever thought that working on the same old HDD years after years will slow your PC no matter whatever processor or RAM you have…

That led to the invention of Solid State Disks abbreviated as SSDs. But, does everyone afford to have a 1TB of SSD? I bet none except the rich lads…

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So, when you are working extensively and you have a little bit of SSD and a huge amount of HDD. But, do all the important files fit into SSD?

No, repeated times the HDD gets interfered which increases the latency. But you may say that latency might be optimal. But wait if you are a dev or an editor a bit of delay may cost you a lot. And, who knows the heavier software will come in future in which this same amount of delay may trouble you…

To solve such a problem up to an extent StoreMI Technology will help you…


What is AMD StoreMI Technology?


AMD StoreMI Technology

As said earlier this technology combines the speed of your SSD with the capacity of your hard disk into a single, fast, easy-to-manage drive. SSDs are fast, but expensive, and offer minimal capacity. Mechanical hard drives boast large capacity for a low price but are much slower than an SSD.

AMD StoreMI technology “combines” these two types of storage into a single drive and automatically moves the data you access the most to the SSD, so you get the best of both worlds: SSD responsiveness, and mechanical hard disk capacity with its low price.


And that’s what you call smartness, and cost effectivity. A single technology can lower your price by lots. Now you don’t have to go for a high gig of SSD, just pair your 256GB SSD or 120GB SSD with your HDD and you can feel the same SSD speed on your HDD…

This can be achieved by keeping the more used files in the SSD. The technology senses your important stuff and keeps that in your SSD from HDD…

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What is AMD StoreMI Technology?


How the tech helps you?

AMD StoreMI is a powerful tool for PC enthusiasts that want to improve load times, boot times, file management, and system responsiveness.

  • Maybe you installed Windows® to a hard drive, but don’t want to reinstall anything to get SSD-like performance: StoreMI can help.
  • Maybe you have a large library of files across several drives, and want it all under one drive letter: AMD StoreMI can help.
  • Or maybe you wish the hard drive with your games could get you into the match at SSD speeds: StoreMI can help.


As you add more and faster drives to your PC, AMD StoreMI technology automatically pairs your most-used files with the fastest storage for peak performance. You can also use up to 2GB of RAM as a last-level cache for ultra-fast data.

To know more about this amazing technology listen to Robert Hallock in the video below:


Load Apps and Games Faster – How AMD StoreMI Technology Works

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Availability: It is available for all the AM4 socket motherboards. With X470 motherboards, you can use the tech by downloading AMD StoreMI software for free.

If you have a socket AM4 motherboard with a 300-series chipset, you can still enjoy the benefits of storage acceleration with Enmotus FuzeDrive software, exclusively for AMD, for an additional fee.


What is AMD StoreMI Technology?



Well, I liked this tech a lot because it will reduce your cost of making an ultra fast PC. Also, it will increase the productivity of your CPU.

Now, what I liked the most that this tech is not exclusively kept for only the new Ryzen CPUs. If you have a Ryzen processor with AMD A320B350, and X370 chipsets motherboards you can purchase such an efficient software and use it to fire up your PC…

For X399 chipsets (socket sTR4 Ryzen™ Threadripper), you can also use this software. All you need to do is just purchase the software for 19.99$ from here

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If you have the new Ryzen 2.0 processors then just download the software from here and use it seamlessly… Share your views regarding the technology in the comments below…

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