AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution

AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors with Vega Graphics To Bring Performance and Security to Next Level

Advanced Micro Devices, often abbreviated as AMD has taken a giant leap to bring an evolution to the industry… AMD previously released the Ryzen Mobile processors with Vega graphics to power laptops and other devices.

Now, AMD is set to partner with brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP and even Microsoft to expand their growth. A few days back AMD announced their partnership with all the major brand to expand the Ryzen family…

Ryzen processors have always been special to AMD because with that they have brought a huge level of performance, with reliability and security…

Though the 1st gen Ryzen was released last year we didn’t find too many desktops or laptops being powered by Ryzen family. It’s no doubt that the 1st gen Ryzen is still very popular for PC users…

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AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution



With a tremendous leap in multi-core performance the 1st Gen Ryzen overtook Intel and then Intel hit back with the 8th Gen processors…Well, the new Ryzen processors with Vega Cores focus on performance for both CPU & GPU. The Vega Cores has a way better-integrated graphics performance than any other AMD processors…

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Talking about Ryzen Pro Mobile processors, they are simply the same old-school Ryzen processors with extra features and have Vega cores in it and lower TDP than before. We have seen laptops like Lenovo Yoga 720S, Dell Inspiron 15 5575 and Acer Swift 3 that are powered by the new Ryzen mobile processors…

Let’s see what are the main features of the Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors:


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution


Powerful Graphics for the Modern Office

AMD Ryzen PRO Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics equip your users to deal with anything the work day throws at them. Improve employee productivity with support for up to four monitors and 4K resolutions while effortlessly handling video conferencing and the latest collaboration tools.


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution




Powering Your Productivity

Too many of today’s leading products end up being tomorrow’s paperweights. Not so with Ryzen PRO processors and Ryzen PRO processors with Radeon Vega Graphics, which include technology specifically designed for future demands, so you won’t have to worry about early obsolescence. AMD SenseMI processor intelligence technologies enable Ryzen processors to adapt to your users’ needs, delivering astonishing performance.


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Precision Boost 2

  • Can gracefully scale clock speeds up and down as the active thread count varies for snappier performance in mixed workload.
  • Automatically monitors processor energy consumption and temperature.
  • When the processor is running cool, it can opportunistically raise clock speeds in precise 25MHz steps which can help improve performance.


Mobile Extended Frequency Range (mXFR)²

  • Offers greater processor performance in laptop systems with a premium notebook chassis.
  • Higher processor clock speeds offer more performance to the user.


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution


Neural Net Prediction

  • Built-in machine intelligence inside each AMD Ryzen™ PRO Mobile processor.
  • Uses a neural network to learn about your applications and anticipate the next steps of your workflow to help send it down the fastest pathway inside the processor.


Smart Prefetch

  • Sophisticated learning algorithms understand the inner workings of your applications.
  • Anticipates what data they might need, and brings that data into the AMD Ryzen™ PRO Mobile processor for fast and responsive computing.


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution


Pure Power

  • Hundreds of networked smart sensors working in concert to optimize power consumption.
  • Enables cool and quiet operation through a combination of smart and flexible circuits.


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Affordable Security Features

AMD prioritizes security at the heart of its processors. Every AMD Ryzen PRO processor contains a powerful, integrated security co-processor running AMD GuardMI technology helping to enable power-on to power-off protection.


Transparent Secure Memory Encryption

  • Provides OS and application independent DRAM encryption without requiring software modifications.
  • Minimal performance impact.


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution


Secure Boot Process

  • Industry standard secure boot secures BIOS from the moment of power-on.
  • Designed to secure system before threats have an opportunity to penetrate the system.
  • The hardware-based root of trust.


Trusted Application Execution

  • Secures storage and processing of trusted applications and real-time intrusion detection.
  • Support for fTPM and TPM 2.0.


Secure Production Environment

  • Security process starts on the assembly line from the moment of production.
  • Tests and confirms hardware, firmware, BIOS, and configurations.


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution




State-of-the-art Reliability and Manageability

Managing PCs across a workforce can be a headache. It’s why every single AMD Ryzen PRO processor supports standards-based DASH manageability, which allows quick and easy remote access and diagnostics in-band and out-of-band. Best of all, open source DASH manageability can easily integrate into your existing tools and won’t lock you into proprietary software.


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution


Powering the 9-to-5

Make mid-afternoon complaints of a dead battery a thing of the past with a targeted battery life of 13.5 hours. AMD Ryzen PRO processors with Radeon Vega graphics exhibit superb efficiency to keep the workforce going.


New Brand Partnerships with AMD

AMD officially has been supported by the master-brands and will be powering the industry with the Ryzen Pro processors. The main attraction of using AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors is that the inclusion of Vega Graphics and security that is being provided in the processor itself…

The new mobile processors have the capability to show power along with stunning graphics at affordable prices. All the processors have comparatively low prices rather than Intel ones. These processors do compete with Intel’s Coffee Lake ones and provide better productivity in terms of performance and graphics…

From notebooks to laptops or from desktops to workstations, Ryzen Pro processors will power all of them… AMD has also been qouted as “the best company to provide performance & integrated graphics in the world…”


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution


AMD & Lenovo

Previously Lenovo used the AMD Mobile Processor for the Lenovo 720S and now they are expanding the Ryzen processors for ThinkPad series that includes laptops, desktops and notebooks…


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution




AMD & Dell

Dell has always been an Intel fan for their laptop performance…. But, the new Inspiron 15 5000 series have been powered by the Ryzen processors and has Vega graphics embedded in it.

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In addition to that, the Latitude 5495 will to be powered with Ryzen Pro processors to increase productivity and reliability for customers…


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution


HP has always been supportive towards AMD because we have seen a lot of HP’s laptops that have been powered by AMD APUs. So, they have taken the broadest portfolio with AMD and bringing a wide range of products with Ryzen Pro processors…


AMD Ryzen 2.0 Processors Officially Announced


AMD & Microsoft

Interestingly Microsoft this time will support AMD in terms of software. They have tagged their love for AMD in the Ryzen Pro launch as well… This could be some special features provided by Windows exclusively for AMD Ryzen Pro mobile processors users…

Now, it can be just for software, but who know’s this can be an indication of bringing Ryzen processors for Surface Notebooks…


To End the Story…

Apart from Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors, AMD has also upgraded their older A-series APUs, Ryzen processors and included Vega GPU cores and other extra features. This will help these processors to deliver both better performance and graphics. AMD has upgraded their security issues to stay a lot more ahead than Intel…


AMD Ryzen Pro Mobile Processors are To Bring Evolution



For servers and workstations, AMD’s new EPYC processors are giving a head-to-head performance to Intel’s X-series… The EPYC processors also have been upgraded with security and other extra features for serving the offices and workstations.

With the new gen Ryzen Pro Mobile processors, AMD is surely going to change the old-school mindset and help to get power accompanied by security…

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And with the exclusive partnership with master-brands like Lenovo, Dell, and HP, the new products powered by AMD will increase productivity and reliability for customers. It will be interesting to see how these products perform and fulfill industry needs…


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