Acer brings You their premium gaming laptop- Predator 21 X

Acer recently launched its costliest laptop called Predator 21 x. It has been priced 8999$ nearly 9lakhs. Now this laptop has challenged many gaming laptops specially the ROG series. Now why should you buy it…Here’s Why…

The laptop runs on 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-7820HK processor and has NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 SLI 16GB which supports 4K gaming. The 7th Intel processors makes the laptop smooth. With the Eye Tracking Technology-Focus on what matters – the game. Eye tracking handles natural eye movement so you spend less time jostling analog sticks and swiping mice.

Predator 21x

This machine is absolutely filled to the brim with ram. With 64GB of DDR4 2400, you can push multi-tasking to the limits and then some. What’s better than a PCI express SSD? Two PCIe SSDS, using NVMe technology, in RAID 0. AKA – ridiculously fast drives. Don’t blink. You’ll miss the boot up.

The laptop has 5x cooling system – five fans work in unison to maintain a constant cool. Ultrathin and all metal, three Predator AeroBlade™ fans keep your GPU/CPU at a nice, cool temp. With 1TB SSD AND 1TB HDD you do not have to care about the storage.

It has 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers. Surround yourself with the superior sound of Dolby Audio™ Premium, blaring through a four speaker/two woofer setup. Things are about to get loud.A 3-way Hi-Fi design makes sure what you hear is clean, crisp and weighted with bass.

With Dolby Audio™ Premium, it delivers rich, powerful sounds. By dynamically adjusting the audio you’re given theater-like quality in a virtual surround sound experience. TrueHarmony™ utilizes a unique design that offers more accurate sound reproduction and fuller-bodied audio.

Overclock with Predator Sense

PredatorSense™ is the ultimate tool for control. Take command over lighting, overclocking, game profiles and more. Predator DustDefender™, alongside the 5-fan cooling system, alternates airflow to prevent dust buildup.When the going gets hot, Predator CoolBoost™ gets going. Fan speeds increase based on generated heat, keeping critical areas continually cooled.Virtual reality. It’s everywhere, constantly improving and beyond enjoyable. This machine is more than ready, so go ahead and jump on in.


  • 21-inch screen, 21:9 aspect ratio, 2,560×1,080-pixel resolution
  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 2000R curved screen
  • Nvidia G-Sync
  • Tobii Eye Tracking
  • Two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs
  • Seventh-gen Intel Core i7-7820HK (overclockable) CPU
  • Can store up to five storage drives at a time
  • Two power supplies to run
  • Five system fans
  • Nine heat pipes to stay cool
  • HDMI port and two DisplayPorts
  • Four speakers and two subwoofers
  • Mechanical keyboard uses Cherry MX switches and has an RGB LED under every key
  • SD card reader
  • 19.4 pounds (8.8 kilograms)
  • 1TB SSD & 1TB HDD

The Beast

So to be honest, Acer Predator 21X is a bit costly and heavy as well, but its a new revolution in gaming laptops. If you have money in your wallet and searching for a premium gaming laptop, then go for Predator 21x.

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Predator 21X Gaming Laptop – Power, Speed & Customization

The Predator 21 X offers up all the elements to reach the pinnacle of gaming – just with a few extra perks so you can custom-tailor it to you. Predator 21X Gaming Laptop Product Page Predator Facebook Predator Twitter

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